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Geeking out over books, world-building, writing processes (aka writer woes) and weekly prompt exercises. If I'm feeling brave I'll even upload snippets of WIPs, and random short-shorts.

You might also find my mini-series, Diaries of a Dating Soucouyant and God Bless de LaDiablesse on here... 


My day job as an education professional means that sometimes, I just can't turn it off. So... I am in the process of developing a workbook for mapping out my stories, among other things. You can find that here =)

You can also find a bunch of DnD character sheets and such for when my flights of "Oh, what if [insert character here] were a 5e PC?"


Ask me to Beta Read for you!

Also, though my MS is still a WIP, I'm on the lookout for good CPs and other Beta Readers!

If you're interested in trading manuscripts or just looking for a reader, shoot me a message, let's see if we're compatible!


As a poet, I have a couple of chapbooks available for purchase.

For info on my MS or works in progress, check out the blog!


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VOC Fellow 2020


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