Keir grew up at the knee of Arilyn Moonblade, fought Thread on Pern, and hunted pirates with Sassinak. 

After roughly three decades reading books of all shapes, sizes and genres, she finally settled on a favorite niche: Urban Fantasy. But don't worry, that doesn't stop her from writing all kinds of spec fic where she hopes to build deep, fanciful worlds with compelling characters that you will never admit you cried with, for, or over.

Keir has published two short stories: The Clock Tower Girl (The Written Word Mag, October, 2008) and Silver Burdens (Lorelei Signal, July, 2008) and was privileged to become a Cropper Writing Workshop resident (2019) and a Poet-Author grantee (2020) to the MVCWI, which was postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In April of 2021 she became a mentee of Jennifer Azantian at Azantian Literary Agency and started her journey to becoming an agent. Beginning August of 2021, Keir will fulfill another childhood dream, starting an MFA in Creative Writing.



Keir joined the world of poetry in her angsty teens and never left. While most of her poetry is meant for the page, she has combined this with her passion for human rights as a youth facilitator and teaching artist for spoken word and performance poetry. Thanks to the never ending support of Trinidadian poetry group the Griot Guild and its founder, her husband Brendon Alekseii, she has also self-published two chapbooks, Kapheira and Awkward Poetry, both in 2019.