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Keir's first poetry collection, Kapheira, is presented in three parts: Work, Worship, and Wonder. 'Work' takes readers through sacrifice and hardship, the compromises and struggles that women often face day to day; 'Worship' journeys into self-love, freedom and strength; exploring what it means to find divinity in yourself, and 'Wonder' discovers the fantastic in the world around us, situating feelings of love and the divine beyond ourselves, and in the people we care about.

Kapheira is available in both hardcopy and e-book formats. Trini locals can purchase a copy at Scribbles & Quills in Chaguanas or at Paper Based Bookshop at the Normandie, St. Anns.

Awkward Poetry

That awkward moment when you realise, life is just a series of awkward moments, and maybe that’s all there really is.

And maybe that’s true. Maybe life is just one awkward moment after the next, and maybe these moments make us happy. Other times... not so much.

Awkward Poetry is Keir Alekseii’s second collection. It contains sixty-nine short poems on heartbreak, its resulting grief, and the conditions of the human heart that bring us awkwardness.