Critique Partner

Critique Partners (or CPs) are writers you trade manuscripts with in order to give each other key feedback on improving your work. A CP does not just give you a blanket "it's great" and does not tear down your work. A CP provides constructive criticism on improving your story, structure, characters, and world-building.

A good CP is hard to find, so I'm looking for fellow writers in the Fantasy genre. If you're interested, we'll trade MS samples to see if we can work well together.


Beta Reading

A Beta Reader provides a reader's perspective of your manuscript and should represent your target market. A beta reader will provide broader and less detailed feedback than a CP, giving you a sense of what a reader feels as opposed to what a writer knows. 

Some Readers are sensitivity readers. While I do not consider myself as such, my background in human rights provides me with a unique perspective with which to provide feedback.

Currently, I do not charge for beta reading. I use the process to hone my reading, writing, and critiquing skills. 



My past experience with editors has been frustrating. I got a generic "It's good!" or "It needs more work!" Keir does neither. As a critique partner, she tells you exactly why it is good or specifically what work needs to be done. Devoid of pretentiousness or ego, she does not try to impose her own voice or agenda. The scalpel-like precision is exactly what I needed to help me find my own voice as a writer.

Thalia Ishvari, Writer

One thing that always strikes me about working with Keir is that I learn something new every time. She is devoted to her craft, is constantly learning and is always ready to use her education background to patiently show you new ways to enhance your work. Keir is capable of polishing even the roughest of manuscripts into a diamond. She doesn't just clean up grammar or structure - she cleans up your entire story, helping you to extract depth and nuance while ensuring your narrative hits all the right notes.

S.J. Krishen, Writer