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Today's prompt once again comes from TFR's Prompts #120 =)

Unexpectedly, I revisited the characters from the first prompt day... I think this might become a trend ^.^

"It's a long story." I said, words condensing into little white puffs as they escaped my lips. I rubbed some feeling back into my arms and stamped on the metal floor, trying not to make eye contact. Ironically, being locked in a freezer was the least of my concerns. The look in Sephala's violet eyes was colder than even the sub-zero air.

"Helen, you conned me into thinking you were dead for eleven months. I have time." She rubbed her hands together and shivered. Whether from anger or the cold, I was uncertain. I shuffled over to her and pulled my jacket off, sticking an arm out with the peace offering. Elves are more sensitive to the cold than humans, and I could see the tips of her ears already turning blue. Wordlessly, she accepted the jacket and put it on. "Well?"

I opened my mouth to reply and my teeth chattered out an "I-I-I di-di-didn't mean to." Sephala scowled in response and opened her arms, gesturing me into a warm hug. I huddled into her arms and willed myself not to cry. The tears would end up frozen to my face, and that would suck. Instead I asked, "Really? Warm hugs? Better reaction than I was expecting."

Her scowl deepened, but her arms tightened around me. "If you think I'm going to let you freeze to death without an explanation, you've got another thing coming."

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