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TFR's Prompt #346 brings us another piece in the story of Helen and Sephala. I'm starting to enjoy this method of exploring characters and worlds. I'm not sure if I'll need to get to the end of H&S's story before I can think up new or recycle old characters, but this is definitely going on my list of tips and tricks to keep writing!

The Boss' face was screwed on so tightly this morning that his mouth, nose, and eyes all pointed in different directions. He shuffled some papers together, smacked their edge on his desk to even them out and shoved them off to the side. When he turned his screwpan to face us, it untwisted ever so slightly. Just enough that he could look directly at us without appearing cross-eyed.

"Now," he rumbled, "about the dragon incident..." I stifled a sigh, which in turn kept my eyes from rolling. Instead, I eyed the bowl of M&M-like candies on the edge of his desk. It was unlike the Boss to have sweets sitting out. Maybe he's softening up in his "old age." I thought, reaching for a nice, shiny blue one. He smacked the back of my hand like, fast as a grandma smacking a child's hands away from the cookie jar.

"Don't touch that. Those are souls, not candies." He stated, squinting his displeasure at me. I turned round eyes to Sephala who looked only mildly amused, one brow just a tick higher than the other.

"Dare I ask," she said, "why you have a bowl full of souls on your desk?"

The Boss rubbed his grizzled face, pulling and tugging and his cheeks until his mouth was set in a straight line and his nose pointed forward again. "They're from the Baker incident. Look, don't change the subject." He tilted his head toward me, "Helen what you did was downright reckless. What do you have to say for yourself?"

I had the good sense to look aghast, "Reckless? Boss, I followed your orders to the very word!"

He sat back, "Yes yes. The word. Never the spirit eh? Why are you like this, Helen?" he swung his head back to Sephala, "And you, Sepha, you should know better. I assigned her to you thinking you'd keep her contained. Instead, she's a goddamned rabid dog off her leash!"

This time, it was Sephala's turn to look aghast.

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