• Keir Alekseii


Allyuh... I learning rel tings about these two, and some of it is breaking my heart. Kudos to TFR #168 for today's heartbreak.

"I don't care." She said, clenching her skirts so tight that her knuckles disappeared into the ivory dress. The elaborate curls and braids of her half-updo bounced with the force of every step Sephala took away from the courtyard and toward the wide expanse of silvery wall that stood in the grass.

"Sepha, c'mon. I know you do. Just wait a mi--" she turned violently toward me, and I backed up before realizing what I'd done.

"No." The vehemence in her voice brought it low, throaty. I immediately had a vision of the dragon we'd once brought in together. It, too, looked capable of spitting fire. "I don't give a damn. I never gave a damn, and I never will." She spun away and picked up her pace to the Mirror. I remembered my feet and jogged forward, grateful that as her "security detail" I didn't have to pull spiky heels out of the grass. Sepha's awkward, yanking gait allowed me to catch her before she passed through. I skittered around her elbows and blocked her path.

"Sephala Draggomar, you give so many damns, they're visible from space. Now cut the shit and talk to me before you do something you will absolutely regret!" I even stamped my foot to emphasize I was being serious-Helen. Sephala hit me with the full force of those violet eyes and roared. Well, okay, she screamed - I've heard an actual dragon roar before and elven vocal cords simple cannot compare - but it was full sound. Brimming with frustration, sadness, and complete despair. And it smelled vaguely of the strange appetizer that had been so popular. But now was not the time to offer Sepha a breath mint.

"My sister!" She yelled. "My fucking sister. The only one in this family who treated me like a person since the prophecy broke, and I can't even say goodbye! I hate them, Helen. I hate them." The last word broke into a gasp, then a sob, and finally a tear as Sephala folded in on herself and collapsed into the grass.

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